Fat Burners
  • Exercise
  • Drink more water and count as water
  • Eat more power packed herbal plant live, whole food
  • Reduce sugars and dairy, meats, grains, oils (use olive)
  • High Fat foods keep us acid
  • We need exercise and good thoughts!
We want to show you some videos of how the Sunrider herbal foods came into existence and that the food company is growing rapidly because with our polluted environment we MUST have these herbal plant based stronger foods. We want to STOP our cravings NOW!
Sugars are hidden in many foods. Just read the labels before you buy them. Don't buy the fructose  or the saturated oils.The labels can be tricky. I was very addicted to gluten and gluten is the most addictive substance. Its put in many grains and in alcohol.
Take my gluten test if you are unsure if you are gluten intolerant and I will send you an evaluation. The herbal foods will enable you to get off gluten.
In order to have a Sunrider account you must have a sponsor and LaZelle would love to guide you in how to order the herbal foods and how to use them in your daily life. What a blessing we have in this healthy food source.
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