GLUTEN Sensitivity leads to sugar addictions! Find out if you are gluten sensitivity by taking LaZelle’s simple test that she wrote after discovering patterns she saw with alcoholic and diabetic genetics.

Find out if you are gluten sensitive.
Addicted to sugar and breads?
Overweight and eat less?
Still underweight and eat more?

Hear LaZelle speak about Gluten Sensitivity, which is the root cause of sugar addictions because the body can’t get fed.  The candida fungus overgrowth is causing the craving for sugar. Candida overgrowth can be caused by the gluten intolerance. So if you have alcoholic and diabetic genetics, take my gluten sensitivity test and receive an individualized evaluation.

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Do you suffer from overweight or underweight, mood swings, fatigue, no energy, digestive bloating, headaches, bone loss or sinus trouble? Other symptoms?

Let LaZelle Bradley Be Your SUGAR CRAVING, BREAD CRAVING, SALT CRAVING and Alcohol Craving COACH! She has a degree in addiction counseling. She suffered for years with cravings but no longer. She will explain to you her great food source that eliminates cravings and why.
You are worth it!

 Do you have constant sugar cravings?
Addicted to sugar and carbs?

Let nutritional researcher, Lazelle Bradley,
help you find out why and get you back
on the road to health!

LaZelle Bradley is a researcher and student of nutrition who holds a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in nutrition. She's also worked as a substance abuse counselor and studied addictions for 25 years. She has done extended research on her own due to the sugar addictions and food allergies she has suffered with for many years of her life. She has a degree in substance abuse counseling and has worked with people suffering from addictions. LaZelle has also worked with learning disabilities which she attributes to gluten intolerance and malnutrition.

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 Gluten Sensitivity Test 

Click here to take our exclusive online gluten sensitivity test, Lazelle will review your test results and respond to you personally via email with customized recommendations!

Designer Fast Foods available-all live, whole, alkaline foods concentrated. Great for those who are diabetic, or suffer from yeast overgrowth, gluten intolerance and who have cravings. Very healthy food source for all. The 21st century healthy food. Foods to feed and foods to detox. Ask LaZelle Bradley 281-440-3136 or email 
LaZelle has foods that will most definitely help you loose your cravings. They helped her stabilize her cravings. Let LaZelle be your Craving Coach and get rid of those cravings controlling YOUR LIFE! 
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Find out WHY you are craving foods, especially sugar, by taking the short test designed by LaZelle Bradley using her 30 years of nutritional research